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In 1963, YAMAKAWA & CO.,LTD. was established by KURIYAMA and AIKAWA in Kanda, Tokyo after the years of experience in the pharmaceutical trade business market.
The company name was named based on their surname.

We started to import "Biocatalyzer Placenta ", "ALGAE COLLOID" and other raw materials from BOTTGER KG.
It has been generally used as main raw materials in the products of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for over 50 years.

In 1988, based on the theoretical instruction by Dr. Riemschneider, emeritus Professor of the Berlin University, we placed the series of " Cytocatalyzer (yeast extract)" which highly activates cells on the Japanese market. It became one of the top selling products among all those products we involved in the development, import and sale of numerous pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs and cosmetic raw materials.

In 1993, the partnership with France Laboratoire Serobiologiques led success to launch the products, natural ceramide and marine-derived glycogen.
Subsequently, we introduced animal and plant-derived "natural active ingredients" such as almond extract, plant-derived ceramide, baobab extract, and plant-derived peptides.

In 2004, we have succeeded in developing nano-liposomal raw material, ceramide capsule encapsulating oil-soluble vitamin C by using a special high-pressured homogenizer, penetrating hyaluronic acid, and nano silk dispersion.

It always has been, and it always will be our mission to research and develop effective ingredients for the new era. We will continue to strive in the future.

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Company Profile

Head Office:
3-21 Kanda sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0025 Japan
TEL:03-3861-4496  FAX:03-3861-4616
March 18th, 1963
20 million yen
Major banks:
Resona Bank, Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank
Major suppliers:
BASF Group
Bottger, GmbH (Germany)
AAK (Sweden)
Major buyers:
Domestic pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers
Overseas cosmetics raw material manufacturers
  1. Akihabara station

    JR Sobu line/Yamanote line/Keihin Tōhoku line "Showa street exit" - 6mins by walk
    Tokyo Metro Hibiya line "Exit1" - 5mins by walk

  2. Asakusa-bashi station

    JR Sōbu line "West exit" - 6mins by walk
    Asakusa line "Exit A3" - 7mins by walk

A fairy of river and mountain, "YAMAKAWA-TAN".